Out of staters in Linn’s precinct caucuses???

I heard the allegation again this weekend at the Second Congressional District Democratic Convention, i.e., “Illinois students and other out of staters participated in the Linn County Democratic caucuses on January 3rd” and changed the outcome.

While out of staters might have been on-hand to help organize various preference groups, the facts I have don’t support any allegation that those same out of staters, if any, were included when the preference groups counted off.

In fact, we only had 18 voter registrations inactivated from the Republican and Democratic caucuses due to the voter registration cards being returned (as underdeliverable by the USPS) to our office (see below).  That’s too small of a number to have affected the outcome of the caucuses.

If you have some facts to the contrary, please give me a call.

Figures for the time period between Caucus night 1/3/08 to 1/29/08 
Date totals taken 01/03/08 01/29/08 Increase/Decrease
Total Registered 139763 141060 1297
Number of Democrats 46324 51390 5066
Number of Republicans 36252 36806 554
Number of No Party 57186 52885 -4301
Number of Other 1 9 8
The Auditor’s Office processed the caucus changes from 1/3/08 to 1/29/08 as well as 
registrations from the DOT and regular mail also.  It was not strictly caucus changes.
Democrats Republicans No Party Libertarian Total
# of Forms submitted at the Caucuses 6,796 1,923 8,719
New Registrations from the Caucuses 776 263 66 1 1,106
Change Requests from the Caucuses 6,020 1,660 7,680
Inactives Due to Returned ID Cards
Precinct Number of Voters Number Returned by Party
2 3 Dem = 12
4 1 Rep = 5
8 1 NP = 1
18 1  
19 1  
29 1  
30 1  
33 1  
35 1  
40 1  
41 1  
FF 1  
FY 1  
HW1 1  
M1-3 1  
MVS 1  

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