One good reason to buy Automarks

Earlier this week, I received an email from a county auditor next door to Linn County.  Jones County has been using ADA compliant ballot marking devices aka Automarks in their elections for months.

This summer, the counties not using Automarks will be migrating to them because of a mandate from the Iowa Legislature.  Linn County should be converted to Automarks in time for the Fall school elections.

Auditor Sulzner emailed the testimonial (below) to me and other county auditors.  It’s a good reminder of why we need to make and keep voting accessible to everyone including those with disabilities.

From: Janine Sulzner – Jone County Auditor & Commissioner of Elections

To:    All County Auditors


At one of our rural precincts at yesterday’s election, a voter with a sight disability arrived to vote and was offered the use of the Automark. Her husband was with her and helped further explain and show her the zoom feature. She still couldn’t see the information quite well enough so he changed it to the high contrast feature which did enable her to see the information. The pollworker reported that the voter then proclaimed with delight “I’m liberated!”

What a feeling if you’ve always had to have someone else help you mark your ballot!

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