Transparency continued

Sometimes you don’t ask the right question.  I think that happened on my earlier post about transparency.

My earlier poll may have presumed that all local governments were transparent and it’s possible that a large number of potential poll takers might have skipped the poll because of that presumption.

This new poll comes on the heels of statements made at yesterday’s (2/27/2009) Condition of the City address.  The Mayor said the City of Cedar Rapids is more transparent than ever.  While that statement may be true, the real standard for transparency likely resides in each individual’s experience with how much time and expense it takes for a specific part of government to deliver on requests for information.  Did I get what I wanted when I wanted it?  And how much (how many trips) did it cost to get it?

Open meetings and open records laws seem to be getting some attention in the Legislature.  If you have an opinion on them, you may want to contact your legislators.  In the meantime, please take a moment and vote in my poll.

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