Town hall meeting in Coggon on 4/23

According to the Annual Budget report prepared by Linn County’s Office of Finance and Budget, Linn County has six strategies with #2 being: Achieve Effective Communications.


One of the goals within strategy #2 is to: Conduct “town hall” meetings throughout Linn County. 

That goal is further defined as: The Board of Supervisors will continue to hold informal “town hall meetings” in local gathering spots around the county to gather information from residents on various topics.

Here’s your chance to ask the BOS questions on any topic, e.g., on wood burning boilers, trash on County Home Road, the plasma arc, budgets, rural roads, Westdale Mall, Linn County West, building plans, televising meetings, or strategic plans.

I realize it might be a wonderful evening to avoid being inside, but how often do you get to actually attend a meeting of the BOS (maybe that’s a topic) … and ask questions … AND GET AN ANSWER?

Linn County Board of Supervisors

to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Coggon

WHAT: The Linn County Board of Supervisors will hold a Town Hall meeting in Coggon to discuss county-related issues. Staff from the Secondary Road Department will also give a presentation on Linn County’s five-year road plan and discuss how the County will use local option sales tax revenue to improve the secondary road system.

WHEN: 7pm on Thursday, April 23, 2009

WHERE: The Old Opera House on Main Street in downtown Coggon

WHO: The meeting is open to all Linn County residents.

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