Flood waters surrounded the AOB

One of the people who wanted to rule the world in the last century supposedly said:  If you tell a lie enough times, eventually it will become the truth.

I continue to hear the statement that the flood waters that entered the AOB (Administrative Office Building) arrived via the vacant space around the underground steam pipes connecting the AOB to Penford.

The only way anyone would know how the water entered the AOB would be if they were in the AOB on June 13th when the flood crested.  And to my knowledge, no one was present at the AOB on the 13th.

This photo clearly shows flood waters on the sidewalk of the west entrance of the AOB.  I think it’s reasonable to assume that flood waters entered the AOB on the west, north, east, and south sides of the building, but I cannot be certain because I was not there on the 13th.

Please challenge anyone who says the only way the flood waters entered the AOB was via the steam pipes because they were not there on the 13th and they cannot be certain.

Flood waters surrounding the AOB - June 2008

Flood waters surrounding the AOB – June 2008

I provided this photo to the Board of Supervisors and the Construction Services Manager on 2 March 2009.

One Response to “Flood waters surrounded the AOB”

  1. concerned_citizen Says:

    That would have to be one seriously water-proofed foundation and building overall! Steam pipes only? While everyone else including myself on the fringes of the crest dealt with backed-up drains? I am hiring their engineers on my next house!


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