Westdale Mall assessed at $18M

More precisely, Westdale Mall – the part of the Mall offered to the County for $18.5M on 1 December 2008 – is now assessed at $18,387,392 per a district court decision.

Previously, the Mall had been assessed at $24,204,820.

The new assessment values are effective 1 June 2009 for the 1 January 2008 assessment year.

Click here to see a map of the Mall and the changes in the assessed values of the individual parcels affected by the court decision.

Map by John A. Adams – Property Tax Manager – Office of Auditor

2 Responses to “Westdale Mall assessed at $18M”

  1. lcauditor Says:

    By the way, the land and building comprising Steve & Barrys aka Montgomery Wards aka Linn County West were assessed at $2,419,487 in 2009 and purchased for $3,500,000 on 13 February 2007.

    Source: http://www.cedar-rapids.org/assessor/pmc/
    GPN: 133647600700000


  2. Long Memory Says:

    And they will spend $28,000 to pat themselves on the back but refuse to erect a sign identifying them as Linn County. Nice.


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