How much overtime is too much?

No one has answered the original question.

How much overtime per week is too much? Is it 10 hours, 20, 30, or 40 hours? Nine county employees have worked more than 250 hours of overtime in the first 13 weeks of the fiscal year. On average that’s 19.23 hours per week. The “winner” worked 568 regular hours and 546.5 overtime hours, which is an average of 85.73 hours per week.

Which is best practice: Use existing employees and consistently work overtime to fill staffing needs OR have enough employees on-hand and occasionally have them work overtime?

Based upon the data collected by Adam Belz of The Gazette (see above link), it appears using existing employees and working consistent overtime is the best financial solution. If that’s the case, should it be adopted county-wide? If not, why not?

The forty-hour work week was adopted many decades ago for a variety of reasons. Are we ready to say that the 40 hour work week should apply to everyone except those in public safety? What is our responsibility as an employer?

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