Top 15 owners of taxable property in CR School District

From time to time, we receive requests for the top 15 or 25 taxable property owners within a specific school district, city, or the County.  The chart below is based upon 2009 property assessments.  Feel free to compare the chart below with the one published last year.

To view the latest charts for a specific government entity, go to Tax Services.  If a link for a particular government entity does not exist, then no chart has been requested in the last year.

Cedar Rapids Community School District
Top 15 Owners of Taxable Property
2009 Assessments
Payable in Fiscal Year 2010-2011
Rank Name Type of Business or Service 1-1-2009 Assessed Values Percent of Total Assessed (1)
1 Interstate Power/ Alliant Energy Utility Company 284,651,607      3.57%
2 Florida Power & Light-Duane Arnold Plant Utility Company 146,528,429      1.84%
3 Life Investors/ Aegon Insurance 51,616,737      0.65%
4 Robert K. Miell Real Estate 38,238,313      0.48%
5 ITC Midwest LLC Utility Company 36,478,017      0.46%
6 MidAmerican Energy Utility Company 36,081,211      0.45%
7 Central Iowa Power Utility Company 30,406,057      0.38%
8 Qwest Communications Communications 21,861,950      0.27%
9 Wal-Mart Retail Department Store 21,531,059      0.27%
10 Hy-Vee Food Stores Grocery 21,234,434      0.27%
11 Westdale Capital Investments Residential Housing 19,415,371      0.24%
12 Mercy Hospital/Medical Center Hospital 17,864,186      0.22%
13 Kelley, Ronald L . Real Estate/Property Mgmt 17,257,687      0.22%
14 Windsor on the River LLC Residential properties 15,906,591      0.20%
15 Shamrock Capital Investments LLC Residential properties 15,166,564      0.19%
Totals 774,238,213      9.71%
Notes: Data Source:  Office of County Auditor.
(1)Percentages based on 2009 assessed value of $7,971,181,601

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