Appropriations versus spending in Auditor-Facilities

By law, my organization and every organization in the County is prohibited from spending more than appropriated.  I have no means to borrow funds and even if I could, I still could not spend more than appropriated.  So when someone asks me if I went over budget, the answer will always be NO – I did not – and I will not because it’s against the law.

The Board of Supervisors appropriates to my organization and to every other County organization, as well as, to other groups, associations, and entities as they see fit, which is one of the unique powers the Legislature bestowed upon them.

Local governments avoid going over budget by amending their budgets, if needed.  Linn County will amend its FY10 budget after holding a public hearing at 10am on May 19th in the Boardroom of Linn County West.  You are invited to attend.

If you click on Auditor-Facilities Appropriations vs Spending FY06-FY10, you can view the Auditor-Facilities appropriations from FY06 through FY11.  You’ll notice some year to year variations – some caused by the Flood of 08 and some caused by the ebb and flow of elections – some which are forecast – some which are reimbursable – and all of which are administered by the Auditor’s Office.

I think the employees within the Office of Auditor and Facilities have been good stewards of taxpayers’ money.  Feel free to post a comment if you have an opinion you wish to share and/or a question to ask.

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