Vacations, accruals, and payouts

A week ago, after four online stories (Miller, Langston spar over Linn County official’s vacationTake a day off, Linn County employees* – Document shows vacation payouts to Linn employeesGomers:  What’s Going Wrong*) and two print stories (see *) plus a interesting exchange in an Elected Officials & Department Heads meeting hosted by Supervisors Langston and Oleson, I received a copy of a letter from EideBailly (CPAs and business advisors) indicating their audit findings for the County for the year ended June 30, 2009.

Guess what two of the topics are?  Vacation Accrual and Mandatory Vacation Policy.  The CPAs noted that the Auditor’s Office was the only office to limit deputies’ vacation accruals.  In addition, the CPAs recommended the County institute a policy requiring personnel to take at least one week of vacation at a time.

The CPAs report is dated December 23, 2009.  Not sure why I didn’t receive it until last week.  After all, I was one of only five elected officials to sign the management representation letter.  I should have asked for it sooner.  Then again, how do you know to ask for something when you don’t know it exists?

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