Recorder Auditor consolidation – it’s not my battle

On March 30th, Adam Belz reported that Paul Pelletier, if elected County Recorder, wants to abolish the Office of Recorder and consolidate it with the County Auditor and County Treasurer.  When I read the comments attached to the story, I noticed I was being mentioned – sometimes in an unkind manner.

For the record:  I had nothing to do with Mr. Pelletier running for Recorder.  My first face-to-face meeting with him was at a Metro North Rotary meeting.  I am a member and now Paul is a member.  He was recruited by the president of our club.

For the record:  I don’t recall when I first met Joan McCalmant, the current Recorder, but it was likely at a Linn County Democratic Central Committee meeting in 1998 or thereabouts.  She’s a Democrat; I’m a Democrat.

I have a conflict of interest in the matter of consolidating the Recorder’s Office with the Auditor’s Office.  If consolidated, I would likely seek an increase in my salary based upon the reassignment of duties and personnel from the Recorder to the Auditor.  For this reason and others, I am NOT advocating the consolidation of the offices nor am I opposing it.  It’s not my battle.

If Mr. Pelletier wants to advocate for consolidation – that’s his prerogative.  If the Board of Supervisors wants to advocate consolidation between the Recorder, Auditor, and other offices – then that’s their prerogative.  If a group of citizens forms a committee to force a vote on the consolidation – then that’s their prerogative.  It’s not my battle.

But let’s do a reality check!  The facts are that Linn County’s voters have expanded government in recent times.  The Board of Supervisors went from three to five members.  The Cedar Rapids City Council went from five members to nine members.  We have eighteen cities and fifteen school districts in Linn County.  Where is the outcry to consolidate anything?  And how much savings should be achieved in order to proceed with a consolidation:  $50K/year?  $100K/year?  $1Million/year?  What’s your number?

To view the 88 pages of documentation I collected on the subject of Recorder Auditor consolidation, click here.  The collection is from Woodbury County, Linn County, Johnson County, and includes my recent fact finding report.

Good luck Paul!  Good luck Joan!  It’s not my battle.  It’s all yours!

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