As of July 13th, an estimated 29,129 eighteen and older registered voters are eligible to run for Linn County Supervisor in District #2 (D2) and another 30,610 are eligible to run for Supervisor in District #4 (D4).  About 145,280 twenty-one and older registered voters are eligible to run for Linn County Sheriff.

Any citizen of supervisor district D2 or D4 who will be 18 or older on 11/6/2012 can run for county supervisor in their home D2 or D4.  And any citizen who will be 21 or older on November 6th and has never been convicted of a felony can run for sheriff.  Note:  A newly elected sheriff must become a certified Iowa Peace Officer within one year of taking office.

Beginning on July 1, 2012, the salaries for sheriff and county supervisors are:

Sheriff – $121,797.05

Supervisor – $74,362.98

According to the US Census Bureau, the average household income (2006-2010) in the City of Cedar Rapids is $49,298, the average in Linn County is $53,674, and the average in the USA is $50,046.

Based upon data provided by the Census Bureau, about 80.1% of Linn County’s households earn less that the current salary of the Linn County Sheriff and 68.3% of households earn less than the current salary of a Linn County Supervisor.

What’s my point?  We have a plentiful supply of eligible citizens who could run for D2 and D4 county supervisor or sheriff – which are great paying jobs; yet, we have only one citizen running for D2 Supervisor, one running for D4 Supervisor, and one running for Sheriff.

I am surprised by the lack of competition.  The same county that produced four candidates for county auditor has thus far produced only one candidate for sheriff, one for D2 supervisor, and one for D4 supervisor.

The deadline to file to get on the November 6th ballot as a non-party political organization candidate, as a candidate for one of the parties not represented on the ballot, or as an independent candidate is 5pm on Wednesday, August 29th – 47 days away.

Maybe the lack of competition on the ballot for D2 county supervisor, D4 county supervisor, and the county sheriff is an indication of something else going on within Linn County?  Maybe your answers to the following survey will give us some perspective?  Please consider taking it. 

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