Why report on Board attendance?

One of the first catch phrases you hear when you serve in the military is “inspect what you expect”.  Do you expect each member of the Board of Supervisors to attend each meeting they schedule?  If not, how many should they attend?

How do you know how many they attended?  Should you keep a stack of newspapers in storage, inspect the Board minutes, and tally up how many meetings they attended?  Or should the Auditor in his role as Clerk to the Board keep a tally and publish it?

Sometimes I wonder, “Gee, how many meetings has that Supervisor missed?” or, “Gosh, has he missed a meeting this year?”

I don’t like guessing.  I like facts.  You shouldn’t have to go through your newspapers and figure it out.  My office has the data and it doesn’t take much time to compile the facts.

And then you can see for yourself and draw your own conclusions … just like I do.

Do you think tracking the Board’s meeting attendance is a true indicator of their performance?  If not, what would you use?

The Board is a legislative body that makes executive decisions when they meet.  They do not manage County operations on a day-to-day basis.

As one Supervisor recently said, “County government matters!”  Does it matter if Board members attend Board meetings?  And if they always vote the same, do they need to attend every meeting?


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