Auditor’s office asking questions

In light of The Gazette’s story about the Supervisors removing more employees from the Office of Linn County Auditor, your Accounting Services (Auditor’s Office) employees developed a Customer Satisfaction Survey which was emailed to County employees. That survey concluded on June 19th and you can view the results here.

Accounting Services received 122 responses to that survey, which is good considering the County has about 832 employees. First Deputy Auditor Becky Shoop reviewed the survey results with the Linn County Board of Supervisors on June 16th which can be seen here.  Those survey results were filed in the Board’s official records.

Earlier this week, Accounting Services developed another survey tailored to our external customers, e.g., vendors, suppliers, service providers, landlords, and anyone receiving a non-payroll payment from the County. That survey was emailed to over 700 recipients on June 23rd. As of 8:33am today, they have received 64 responses and 4 of those respondents self-identified so Accounting Services can follow-up with them, if appropriate.

Whether you have a bone to pick with us or want to give us kudos, we would appreciate hearing from you.  You can take the customer satisfaction survey for external customers by clicking here.  This survey will close on July 10th.


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