It’s time for more videos

While some local elected officials seem to be video phobic because they’re concerned about potential opponents using video clips of them in campaign ads, I am of the opposite view. Let’s increase the use of video in local government because that’s the status quo – because that’s how we get our news – and because that’s the best tool to engage people.

In the 2012 presidential election, we observed social media and digital ads utilized for great advantage by some campaigns. Bloomberg Businessweek predicts that “digital ad spending by campaigns will rise to $607M in 2016 from $145M in 2012” with biggest winners being Facebook and Google. When you go to Facebook and Google now, what do you see? You still see photos, but the trend is videos.

And while the Auditor’s Office has been posting videos of Board of Supervisors meetings since 4/21/2015, I am unaware of any other offices consistently posting videos. I think we are missing out on an opportunity to engage our constituents; therefore, I am going to start posting videos on topics I hope you find interesting, informative, and relevant. Hopefully, I won’t say anything dumb, or look disheveled, or speak with an irritating voice, but I cannot guarantee one or more of those things will not occur from time to time … or at the same time.

Just think of me as a country boy who grew up on a dairy farm about 40 miles from here, who has some education and experience (sorry, no journalism degree), who has been a county auditor for 8+ years, who thinks our County can do better, and who is trying very hard to realize his vision: Every person engaged in local government.

If you like the videos please let me know it. If you do not like them, then try to let me know it in a kind manner. It’s OK to disagree.

Here’s our inaugural video – see Voter Registration.   We have several more in queue so hopefully you notice we are improving on our work-in-progress with each new episode! JDM

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