Still plenty of time to comment on FY2017 budget priorities

The Linn County Board of Supervisors met at 5pm yesterday (11/19/2015) to discuss the County’s FY2017 budget, i.e., the budget for the period that begins 1 July 2016 and ends 30 June 2017.  This was a time for the public to offer comments on the County’s tax levy (too high, too low, or just right), on programs to be cut or expanded, or on employee wages/salaries/benefits.  No member of the public made a comment on the preceding items; however, several people made pitches for their organizations.

The budget process for FY2017 is just beginning so the public has lots of opportunities to give its opinion as to what the priorities should be for County tax dollars.   Unfortunately, with few exceptions, those meetings are held in the mornings, which may conflict with your work schedule if you work days.  Written correspondence to the Board or to individual Supervisors is placed into the public record that comprises the Board  meeting minutes at the discretion of the Board.  If you want to be assured that your public comments are entered in the public record, e.g., into the official publications of the County, you MUST attend the Board meetings in person and make your comments during the public comment periods.

Here’s the video of the Board meeting on the FY2017 budget: 

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