Auditor holding office hours at city halls and schools

Over the past few years, I have utilized Listening Posts to meet with residents and hear first-hand their comments about my office, other County offices, and government. Earlier this Fall, Deputy Auditor Tim Box or I attended one school board meeting for each of the County’s K-12 school districts to offer information about the upcoming school elections. From time to time, I have also attended city council meetings.  I decided to try something new for 2016.

Starting yesterday (12/7/2015), I arrived at Robins City Hall 30 minutes prior to the council meeting. Supervisor John Harris joined me. I talked with various city officials and residents prior to the meeting and commented during the public comment period about the annual valuation report deadline.

My purpose: To take the Office of Linn County Auditor to where the public gathers versus always expecting the public to call or come to my office in the Public Service Center.

Tonight (12/8/2015), I am going to holding Office Hours (OH) at the Center Point (5:30pm) and Prairieburg (6:45pm) city halls. From time to time, I will also hold OHs prior to the public meetings of school boards and other governing bodies. If appropriate, I will provide an update during the public comment period of the meeting. My schedule will be posted on this blog.

My goal is to hold OHs at each of the County’s 17 cities and 12 school districts in 2016. Several cities and schools hold meetings around the same time on the same night of the month so I will need a couple of months to make one rotation through all of the cities and schools in 2016.

I extended an invitation to the Linn County Board of Supervisors (or any other Linn County elected official) to join me during my OHs.

You can always schedule an appointment with me by calling 319-892-5300 or by sending a request to – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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