Auditor’s calendar 12/28/2015 – 1/3/2016

Summary:  No outside meetings or extraordinary meetings, events, or tasks planned.  Supporting Deputy Auditor working on annual valuation report; catching up on email from being on vacation; working on annual budget presentation; and planning for 2016.

Monday, December 28th

+1pm – Posted Spanish language instructions on How To Fill Out An Iowa Absentee Ballot Request Form.

Tuesday, December 29th

+3:30pm – Fulfilled Auditor of State’s request for information.

Wednesday, December 30th

+11:30am – Asked questions related to Board’s pending renewal of County Medical Examiner’s annual contract.

+12:30pm – Exchanged emails with Iowa Secretary of State re news story related to exposed voter data and constituent concerns.

Thursday, December 31st – County Holiday – County offices closed

+10:30am – Exchanged emails with constituent re Instant Runoff Voting.

Friday, January 1st – National Holiday – County offices closed

+5:30pm – Emailed suggestion to which reads:  Close the schools on election days in November, e.g. on 8 November 2016, and encourage students, faculty, and administration to vote, volunteer at the polls, for candidates, or campaigns to celebrate democracy and public education mandated by law and supported by taxpayers.  Be the first district in the State to make a statement. Lead so others won’t be afraid to follow.

Sunday, January 3rd

+12:15pm – Met with Deputy Auditor Law’s Property Tax & Real Estate Services team who were diligently working on completion of the annual valuation report.

– Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Key:  + Added after 12/28/2015

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