Auditor’s calendar 1/18 – 1/24/2016

Major priority for the week was to prepare and deliver FY17 budget request to the Board of Supervisors.

Monday, January 18th

Tuesday, January 19th

9:30am – Monthly meeting with Board of Supervisors.  Video posted here.

4pm – Made presentation to the Linn County Compensation Board.  News story posted here.

6pm – Submitted guest column on Caucus Locator to The Gazette for publication on 1/24/2016.

12:30am – Left office after working on annual budget presentation.

Wednesday, January 20th

2pm – Presented FY17 budget to the Board of Supervisors.

10pm – Requested Board of Supervisors direct County’s lobbyists to register in favor of an Act relating to the age at which a registered voter is eligible to vote in a primary election.

Thursday, January 21st

8am – Met with constituent to discuss How To Run for Office.

2pm – Meeting with various stakeholders to discuss potential to reassign IT person to Auditor’s Office to support Aumentum.  Joint proposal from IT, Auditor, and Treasurer is here.

Friday, January 22nd

3pm – Presentation to the Board of Supervisors to add a CPA in Auditor’s Office to manage Accounting Services.  My proposal is here.

Saturday, January 23rd

Sunday, January 24th

5am – Guest column:  “Caucus success starts with getting there” published in The Gazette.

– Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Key:  + Added after 1/22/2016-


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