Auditor’s calendar 1/25 – 1/31/2016

Monday, January 25th

8:15am – Accounting Services mailed County employees’ W-2s.

11:xx pm – Replied to constituent who agreed with my stance on wage increases for County elected officials.  News story posted here.

11:xx pm – Requested Board of Supervisors direct County’s lobbyists to register in favor of two acts proposed by the Secretary of State.  First, an Act related to elections administration with respect to the address confidentiality program, satellite absentee voting, and the conduct of school district elections and second, an act related to absentee voting by uniformed and overseas citizens.

Tuesday, January 26th

12:xx am – Replied to second constituent who agreed with my stance on wage increases for County elected officials.

8am – Payroll Services demonstrated Novatime smartphone (Android) time tracking application to County’s managers as an option for County employees in non-office work environments.

Noon – Deputy Auditors Shoop and Law attended Marion’s State of the City luncheon.

Wednesday, January 27th

1:30pm – Advocated for three budget proposals during Board of Supervisors meeting:  1>  IT database analyst to support Aumentum, 2>  CPA for Auditor’s Office, and 3>  Security for the Public Service Center.

3pm – Accounting Services mailed IRS 1099 forms to County’s vendors.

7pm – Distributed Caucus Locator cards at Linn County Democratic Central Committee’s monthly meeting.

Thursday, January 28th

1pm – Attended Gallup webcast on “Why Isn’t Employee Engagement Getting Better?”

8:35pm – Monitored closing of satellite voting place at College Community High School.  Super turnout as 435 citizens voted early in February 2nd special election.

Friday, January 29th

9:30am – Attend precinct official training for chairpersons.

Saturday, January 30th

Sunday, January 31st

– Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Key:  + Added after 1/28/2016

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