Auditor’s calendar 2/1 – 2/7/2016

Monday, February 1st

Noon – Delivered Caucus Locator cards to US Cellular Center for distribution to Linn County residents attending Trump rally.

2:30pm – Meeting with Jake Krob, editor/owner Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun newspaper.

3:30pm – Meeting with Adam Carros, news director for KCRG.

4pm – Meeting with Zack Kucharski, digital editor for The Gazette.

4:30pm – Approved news release announcing delay of Springville and College Community Schools’ special elections scheduled for Tuesday, February 2nd.

7pm – Chaired caucus for Democrats residing in Robins precinct.

Tuesday, February 2nd

5:23am – Exchanged text messages with John Speer, Superintendent of College Community School District, who decided to cancel school for the day.

5:54am and 9:24am – Reissued press release announcing absentee voting available from 7am-11am this morning with polls opening at Noon.

9:03am – Phone conversation with Pat Hocking, Superintendent of Springville Community School District, advising polls would be open at Noon.

12:15pm – Requested records from Linn County Clerk of Court related to complaint about non-citizens registered to vote.

+12:30pm – Gave Mellaney Moore, KGAN reporter, permission to interview precinct election official at polling place in Swisher.  Used earned media to notify public of current election being held.

1:30pm – Replied to email inquiry from Jim Johnson, Publisher of the Anamosa Journal – Eureka regarding Springville School’s special election.

2pm-8pm – Visited Springville polling place twice.  Visited Ely, Swisher, and College Community High School polling places once.

9pm – Replied to email complaint received from Marion precinct (MR06) Democratic caucus attendee.

Wednesday, February 3rd

11:30am – Attended Economic Alliance Annual Meeting.

2pm – Met with Director of Events for The Gazette.

Thursday, February 4th

7:30am – Hosting Monthly All Hands (Auditor) team meeting. (+Out sick.  First Deputy Auditor Shoop hosted meeting.)

+Noon – Deputy Auditors Shoop and Law attended Conference Board meetings for the Cedar Rapids City Assessor and the Linn County Assessor.  Conference Boards are comprised of three voting member groups, i.e., schools, Board of Supervisors (BOS), and cities.  For the City Assessor, the voting members are the Cedar Rapids School District, the BOS, and the City of Cedar Rapids.  For the County Assessor, the voting members are the BOS, the other 16 cities in Linn County, and the 12 school districts in Linn County.

Noon – Attending Voter Outreach Coordinator’s presentation to Metro North Rotary.  (+Out sick)

+2pm – Directed Deputy Auditor Box to retrieve 10 jury questionnaires from the Linn County Clerk of Court marked “No” to the question:  Are you a United States citizen?

Friday, February 5th

8:30am – Attending Aumentum review meeting hosted by Supervisor Linda Langston.

11am – Setup iPhone to test punch-in/out on Novatime time tracking system.

4pm – Signed contract with The Gazette to setup voter education table at upcoming Pints & Politics events.

Saturday, February 6th

+1pm – Visited Election Services team updating 7K+ voter registration forms received from caucuses.

– Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Key:  + Added after 2/2/2016

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