Auditor’s calendar 2/22 – 2/28/2016

Note:  These are Auditor Miller’s public events – not all of his events – as of 2/22.

Monday, February 22nd

+2pm – Informed by Walker City Clerk that city council now meets once per month.

Tuesday, February 23rd

+1:20pm – Per request from Supervisor Oleson, GIS Coordinator and I researched documentation on exempt real estate in Linn County for a City of Cedar Rapids initiative on tiny homes.

3:30-4pm – Held Office Hours at the City of Cedar Rapids city council chambers prior to the Council meeting.  Stayed for entire council meeting which last about 2h15m.

+5:50pm – Emailed recommendation to Board Chairman Rogers et al to consider raising township officials’ pay to $15 per hour versus current $10 per hour.  All township officials receive same rate of pay; however, the township clerks are expected to post township budgets online, which requires additional training, along with other duties.

Wednesday, February 24th

7pm – Attended Linn County Democrats monthly meeting at the City of Hiawatha’s Community Room and updated attendees on the caucus generated voter registrations.

Thursday, February 25th

+10am – Emailed Supervisor Rogers et al requesting County’s lobbyists register as follows:

Bill Number Short Description Linn County
HF530 County Medical Examiner Fees/Publication of Resolutions FOR
SF2242 City Candidate Filing Officer AGAINST
HF506 Absentee Ballot Deadlines FOR
HF2161 Peace Officer Privacy Undecided
HF2147 Military & Overseas Voting – FWAB Undecided
SF2199 Military & Overseas Voting – FWAB Undecided
HF2145 Voter Registration – under 18 vote in Primary FOR as long as it’s not an unfunded mandate and occurs in 2018
HSB541 School Elections – Move to November FOR
HF2273 SOS Technical Election Bill – SaH, Ink Color, Electioneering, School Reorg, School Vacancy Undecided
SF2157 SOS Technical Election Bill (HF2273) Undecided
HF 2364 Open Meetings – 24 hour exception Undecided

+1pm – Responded to request from constituent regarding related party transaction listed in recent posts.

+3pm – Signed agreement with LexisNexis to replace subscription to Westlaw.  Savings = 40%+ per year

+4pm – Kicked off HIPAA self-audit project in Auditor’s Office via a webex with the vendor’s project coordinator.

6pm – Attended StarPower, an interactive activity on the role of power and privilege in our society hosted by the Marion Civil Rights Commission at Lowe Park in Marion.

Friday, February 26th

+8am – Phone call with constituent regarding how to remove an entire school board due to purported no confidence by the public.  Informed constituent that No Confidence votes are not valid under Iowa law – see post on recall elections.

+9am-3pm – Attended funeral services for Clayton County Auditor’s spouse.

– Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Key:  + Added after 2/22/2016

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