Auditor’s calendar 2/29 – 3/6/2016

Note:  These are Auditor Miller’s public events – not all of his events – as of 2/29.

Monday, February 29th

11am – Provided Iowa counties’ township officials pay comparison to Board of Supervisors for their consideration.

11:15am – Requested IT conduct risk analysis in preparation for HIPPA self-audit being conducted by my office.

Tuesday, March 1st

8am – Attend Downtown Open Coffee at the Early Bird in Cedar Rapids
2pm – Webinar with Democracy Live to review accessible sample ballot tools/products.
6:30pm – Attend Sons of American Legion (SAL) meeting in Marion to remind the membership of two benefits available to veterans: 
Application for Military Exemption – a fillable form is at Reminder:  a spouse of a veteran, an unmarried widow(er) of a  veteran, a minor child of a veteran, and a widowed parent of a qualified veteran (who depended on the veteran for support) are eligible, too; however, only one exemption is allowed per veteran whether alive or deceased. 
Application for Disabled Veteran Homestead Tax Credit – a fillable form is at The Fact Sheet explains who is qualified and how to obtain proof of qualification.  The benefit:  There is no limit to the amount of credit, but it may only encompass one property that is less than 40 acres in a rural area or less than 1/2 acre in an urban area. 
According to the US Census Bureau, Linn County has an estimated 16,870 veterans  – see and 89 homesteads in Linn County are receiving the Disabled Veteran Homestead Tax Credit and 10,101 homesteads are receiving military exemptions.  Potentially, 6,680 veterans are not receiving an exemption or tax credit.

+11pm – Assigned project to Real Estate Service to compare American Legion membership list to taxpayers receiving a military exemption.

Wednesday, March 2nd

TBD – Hold Office Hours prior to Bertram or Hiawatha city council meeting.

Thursday, March 3rd

+8:30am-3:30pm – Attended Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus at Saint Matthew Parish in Cedar Rapids.

Friday, March 4th

+11am – Based upon speculation that Supervisor Linda Langston may resign prior to the end of her term, advised the Recorder and Treasurer that the three of us should NOT have any direct communications from this point forward.

Saturday, March 5th

1:30pm – Attend USAF Squadron Change of Command Ceremony at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.
– Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor
Key:  + Added after 2/29/2016




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