Paper appointments?

Earlier this week, Ms. Dedra Beauregard wrote a letter to the editor of the Linn News-Letter (3/8/2016) questioning the full-time employment status of Linn County’s five Supervisors?  She mentioned the Board’s meetings held three times per week and the Board’s self-selected committee and liaison appointments.

While auditing for related party transactions, I reviewed the Board’s appointments to determine if any related party transactions had occurred between a Supervisor and their appointed organizations. I reported several here.

Recently, I extended my audit to determine how often during CY15 (1/1 – 12/31/2015) a Supervisor updated the Board on an appointed organization, as well as, the date of the last update to the Board. Why?  The Board says they are appointed to many organizations to ensure the County tax dollars provided to those organizations are being spent wisely.  Sounds like the intent of the Board is to be a good steward of the County’s tax dollars.

The purpose of a liaison is to represent a group of people, i.e., the Board, at a meeting and report back to the Board. In reviewing the number of updates and the last time a liaison (Supervisor) updated the Board, I wonder:  1>  Are my employees not hearing the updates and/or not recording them in the minutes; 2>  Are the liaisons not updating the Board; 3>  Are these “paper” appointments; and/or 4>  Are these appointments, time, and tax dollars in the public’s interests?

Please review the facts which were derived from official records in the Auditor’s Office, as well as, Board approved minutes of its meetings.  I would be interested in hearing your comments.  – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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