Auditor’s questions for #BOSvacancy applicants

Dear Applicant:

If you are claiming to be a resident of District 2 (D2), please provide two or more of the types of residency documents listed on an Election Day Registration Form, e.g., an Iowa Driver’s License, Residential Lease, Property Tax Statement, Utility Bill (including cell phone bill), Bank Statement, Paycheck, or Government Check/Document (e.g., vehicle registration). The documents should be issued on or before 2/26/2016, i.e., 60 days prior to the planned 4/26/2016 date of appointment.


1> Why do you want to be a Linn County Supervisor for approximately 6 months?

2> How does your past work experience relate to being a Supervisor?

3> Which of your past jobs did you enjoy the most? And why?

4> Which of your past jobs did you enjoy the least? And why?

5> Explain your post high school education and how it’s relevant to being a Supervisor?

6> Describe the physical boundaries of Supervisor District 2.

7> What makes D2 unique from the other Supervisor districts?

8> What are the major challenges of D2? How would you begin to solve them?

9> What are the strengths of D2? Please give examples.

10> Explain your personal involvement in the D2 community.

11> What do the residents of D2 expect from County government?

12> Explain your history with D2? For example, when did you become a resident of D2? Why did you choose to reside in D2?

13> On a 10 point scale with 10 being the best, how would you rate your past interactions with Linn County government?

14> Do you feel D2 has been well represented on the Board of Supervisors in the past? Explain your answer.

15> What, if anything, will you do different to represent D2 on the Board?

16> Describe the government collaboration between the Board of Supervisors and the City of Cedar Rapids. Where are the two collaborating? Where should the two be collaborating?

17> On July 1st, the Board will begin spending its economic development funds. Do you agree with the Board’s current spending plans? If not, why not?

18> During your approximate 6 month term, you may be asked to approve a $1.5M bond to support Prospect Meadows near Marion. What is your stance on the bond? And Prospect Meadows?

19> During your term, the Board may be asked to place a question before the voters asking if the Board should be reduced from 5 to 3 members. Should the Board should be comprised of 3 or 5 members and why?

20> You will be paid to work at least 40 hours per week for the County? What will you being doing during the hours you are not in Board meetings?

21> Are you a member of any outside organizations? If yes, please explain your involvement.

22> Do you sit on the Board of Directors of any non-County organizations? If yes, does your organization sell or buy services from the County? Or receive any funding from the County?

23> What is the role of the County Auditor vis-à-vis the Board of Supervisors?

24> Explain your understanding of Home Rule.

25> What is your top priority for your term?

26> When approached by a resident concerning a County issue, explain the process you would follow to handle the situation.

Disclosure: I will likely ask additional questions beyond those noted above in order to gain further knowledge and understanding of the applicants.


Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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