#BOSvacancy – Too much transparency?

Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson made the comments below on 4/11/2016 – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul4hXMTIxG8 I am unsure why he is making these comments when he already publicly endorsed and advocated that his candidate be appointed to the soon-to-be vacant position.


Joel D Miller, Auditor, CERA, CGAP®(candidate)

From: Shoop, Becky
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 11:43 AM
To: Miller, Joel
Subject: Brent’s Public Comments

Public Comment:

Supervisor Oleson stated that he had two things. First he has had a number of phone calls over the last two weeks (and should put on record) about the District 2 position. People called him that don’t want their names put out there yet. They are asking about what the Board does and what kinds of issues they address as it relates to if they wanted to serve on the Board. How would it work just from June to November, those types of questions. Nobody said they would run. It’s a caretaker type of thing. Oleson stated that in the interest of disclosure, he wanted to disclose that, but has no names. They wanted confidentiality as they explore it. They can expect that from him. Some will apply and some won’t apply. He wanted to let the Board know so they know there are people interested (some will apply and some won’t). They don’t want to be on Twitter because of their current employers or because of family. They don’t want people to know yet as they make a decision.

Rebecca Shoop, First Deputy – Linn County Auditor’s Office


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