#BOSvacancy interview schedule

Today (4/18), Linn County Human Resources provided a tentative interview schedule for the applicants for the District 2 Board of Supervisor vacancy.  This schedule is based on the applications received as of about 10am today versus the applicants’ availability.

As I indicated in a previous post, I am not going to post the applications online; however, if you want to see the applications, you can stop by my office, email a request to bosvacancy@linncounty.org or attend the interviews.

The tentative schedule for Tuesday, April 19th, is:

1pm – Mr. Wade Wagner – 136 Tomahawk Trail SE – Cedar Rapids 52403

2pm – Mr. Jerome W. McGrane – 1105 8th Street SE – Cedar Rapids 52401

3pm – Mr. Rick E. Nusbaum – 7036 Waterview Drive SW – Cedar Rapids 52404

4pm – Mr. Frank Sladek – 1836 Hamilton Street SW – Cedar Rapids 52404

The tentative schedule for Wednesday, April 20th, is:

2pm – Mr. Ron Olson – 4019 Windham Woods Court SE – Cedar Rapids 52402

3pm – Mr. Eugene J. Kopecky – 4297 Fox Meadow Drive SE – Cedar Rapids 52403

4pm – Mr. James Fields – 1510  1th 11th (corrected at 2:08pm) Avenue SW – Cedar Rapids 52404

5pm – Ms. Sandra Bell – 5665 Cornell Street SW – Cedar Rapids 52404

I encourage others to apply at  owl.li/10n7gn before the 5pm deadline TODAY, 4/18/2016.  To confirm your current supervisor district, go to owl.li/10n9aC.  -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


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