Campaigning on taxpayers’ time?

During the 10 January 2012 Linn County Compensation Board meeting, then Linn County Board of Supervisor Chairman Brent Oleson felt, “… the position of Board of Supervisor is full-time”.

The de facto community standard set by nine of ten Linn County elected officials is to NOT wear campaign attire into a County workplace during business hours.  And to my knowledge, no other Linn County elected official aside from Supervisor Oleson has violated that community standard.

If the position of Linn County Supervisor is a full-time position, then why did Oleson wear his campaign sweater(s) to official Board of Supervisor meetings on the following dates and during business hours, i.e., the hours he is supposed to be working for the taxpayers?

3/8/2016     2/23/2016     1/27/2016     1/8/2016     11/23/2015     11/12/2015     10/21/2015     8/26/2015

I might not have reviewed the videos of the Board of Supervisors meetings to see how often Oleson had worn his campaign sweater in the workplace if he had not attended the #BOSVACANCY meeting at 1pm last Friday (4/22/2016).  Once again, Oleson was wearing his campaign sweater during business hours and you can see him in his sweater in this CBS2 news story.

I have asked Oleson to NOT wear campaign attire to work.  I have asked Oleson’s peers to ask Oleson NOT to wear his campaign attire to work.

I feel Oleson has set a very bad example for the County’s employees by 1> campaigning in the workplace, 2> overtly showing County employees he is not working during business hours, and 3> overtly showing the taxpayers’ that he is not working during business hours.  And his actions are proving that the position of Supervisor is NOT a full-time position.

Maybe if you ask Oleson NOT to wear his campaign attire to work, he will listen?  Let the Board know what you think by sending them an email  and/or by participating in this anonymous poll.

By Joel D. Miller – Taxpayer – posted at 11:09pm on 4/25/2016 after County business hours. 


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