Kudos to Rick Davis

Thank you Linn County resident Mr. Rick Davis. Thank you for asking questions!  Thank you for not giving up!

What did Rick do? He frequently walks about Morgan Creek Park (MCP).  And he is aware that the County acquired land and enlarged MCP in the last year of two.  So last Fall, when Linn County Conservation seeded the newly acquired land with prairie grasses, Rick took notice.  And this Spring, when Rick noticed someone plowing under the seeded land, Rick took notice and started asking questions.

Rick tried to contact three County Supervisors who did not respond to him in a timely manner. So he contacted me and I posed his questions to the management of Linn County Conservation and the Board of Supervisors.  I received a reply from the Director of Conservation.

Sure enough, Rick was right!

An employee of the farmer who previously rented the land had mistakenly plowed under several acres which had been seeded with prairie grasses.  The cost to re-seed could be several  thousands of dollars and Conservation is discussing the situation with the Linn County Attorney.  No one outside of Conservation would likely be the wiser if Rick had not paid attention and asked questions.

Rick, I know you did not do what you did to get attention. You did it to correct a situation.  You did the right thing!  Thank you Rick!  -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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