Auditor’s calendar 5/9 -5/15/2016

Note:  Public schedule of Auditor’s unique or out of the ordinary events.  Check back on 5/17/2016 for updates on what events actually occurred during this time frame.

Monday, May 9th

11:30am – GOOD TO GREAT discussion with direct reports with focus on consistently improving customer service.

6:30pm – Hold Office Hours prior Ely city council meeting.

Tuesday, May 10th

7:30am – Attend Hiawatha Business Summit.

+6pm – Attended AmVets meeting and asked commander to notify members of the Military Exemption, how to apply for it, and how to confirm if they have it.

+7pm -Held Office Hours prior to Coggon city council meeting and remained for entire meeting.

Wednesday, May 11th

+10am – Suggested to Board of Supervisors that they notify the Auditor of State that our current agreement for outside audit services expires in 2 years.  County has been using Eide Bailly for 18 consecutive years at a cost of $858K.

+TBD – Hold Office Hours prior to TBD city council meeting.

Thursday, May 12th

10am – Weekly conference call with Thomson Reuters regarding Aumentum property tax system.

+TBD – Hold Office Hours prior to TBD city council meeting.

+Added after 5/9/2016

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