Oleson not authorized to practice law

In today’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Brent Oleson and I had a back & forth on the issue of a yard sign – see minute 45 second 17.  As the conversation evolved, I said to Oleson, “You are not authorized to practice law,” and Oleson replied, “Yes, I am; I choose not to”.

I checked with the Administrator of the Iowa Supreme Court Commission on the Unauthorized Practice of Law and he wrote:  In regards to your inquiry concerning Iowa attorney Brent C. Oleson, this email will confirm that he is currently in inactive status here in Iowa. He went inactive on October 23, 2006. Due to his inactive status, he is not allowed to practice law in the State of Iowa. Nor can he represent that he is able to practice law in the State of Iowa. See Rule 32:5.5(b)(2).

Why bring this up?  Because Oleson stated in a public meeting in front of numerous Linn County employees, as well as, members of the public that he “authorized to practice law” when he clearly is not authorized to practice law in Iowa.  Oleson portrays himself as a legal expert.  He is not.

You can check the license status on Oleson and other attorneys here.  If I choose to file a complaint on Oleson, the complaint form is here.  -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor



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