Auditor’s report 6/27 – 7/5/2016

Note: The Auditor’s Calendar is being changed to the Auditor’s Report as of 7/6/2016. Report will contain unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Attended funeral of employee’s relative.
  • Supervisor John Harris requested estimate on Linn County’s voter turnout for the November General Election. Estimate: 78%
  • Reviewed Code of Iowa to determine number of signatures required for petition to change Linn County government, i.e., reduce the number of supervisors from five to three. Answer: 8,633


  • Requested actual hourly cost of patrol services provided to several Linn County cities by the Sheriff. Answer per Budget Director: $65.41
  • Weekly Good to Great discussion with direct reports.
  • Replied to Mr. Joe Stutler’s second email related to his FOIA (freedom of information act aka public records request). Initial public records request received on Sunday, 6/19/2016.


  • Presented letter to Board of Supervisors re Sheriff authorized Clothing Allowances.
  • Cancelled Voter Registration Challenge Hearing after being advised by Linn County Attorney’s Office that I needed to recuse myself. Interviewed by KCRG and story can be viewed here.
  • Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.


  • Linn County businessman requested assistance in printing 81 page document stored on Recorder’s web site. Ultimately, Supervisor Ben Rogers ended up printing and delivering the document to the businessman. Kudos to Rogers for GREAT customer service!
  • Meeting with Supervisor Amy Johnson re overview of the Auditor’s Office.
  • 3pm – Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.
  • 6pm – Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.


  • Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.
  • 9am – Public records requested by Stutler, i.e., 642+ pages are awaiting him. Estimated man-hours consumed reviewing and preparing records per Stutler’s request: 10. As of 7/6/2016 (5pm), neither Stutler nor his agent has appeared at the Auditor’s Office to examine the records or pick them up.

7/4/2016 – Linn County offices closed for the 4th of July holiday.


  • Completed initial line item review of County’s expenditures, which is how I discovered clothing allowance being given to civilian manager in Sheriff’s Office – see 6/29 entry above.
  • Accepted invitation of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Building & Construction Trades Council to attend a two hour seminar on Project Labor Agreements on July 14th.

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