Auditor’s report 7/6 – 7/8/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Received email from constituent requesting that I get involved in pushing for Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)


  • Provided Hiawatha City Administrator with fact sheet based upon Budget Director’s input indicating the Sheriff’s actual costs for Patrol Services.  Compared those costs to what the Sheriff is charging 11 cities for patrol services. Subsidy by County to those 11 cities will be $379K in FY17.
  • 10:44am – 6th email reply to Mr. Joe Stutler re his public records request.
  • Requested public records from the County Attorney’s Office re nepotism complaint #1.
  • 11:05am – 7th email reply to Stutler re his public records request.
  • 11:06am – 8th email reply to Stutler re his public records request.
  • 12:13pm – Received copy of complaint filed by Stutler against the Office of Linn County Auditor with the Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB) re his public records request.
  • Reviewed end of Fiscal Year 2016 expenditures. Under spent FY16 appropriations by $235K. Some would say that’s poor budgeting; others would say that’s being fiscally conservative. I say we spent what was required and returned the remainder to the taxpayers.
  • 2:44pm – 9th email reply to Stutler re his public records request and IPIB complaint.
  • Requested feedback from the County Attorney re nepotism complaint #2.
  • Blind copied on an email in which a County Supervisor told a constituent “please don’t contact me again.  I find you unstable”. Not exactly what you would expect a Supervisor to write after Supervisor Rogers’s guest column titled: Linn County is focusing on customers.
  • Formally requested that the Office of Linn County Attorney represent the Auditor’s Office re the IPIB complaint.


  • Attended NewBo Open Coffee Club meetup at Brewhemia. Asked attendees for feedback on how to increase voter turnout.
  • Issued directive to Accounting Services to NOT pay clothing allowance claims in the future based upon conclusions by the Finance Director and County Auditor that clothing allowances for civilian employees were inappropriate because they were not authorized by statute or Board policy. Probably the first time the Finance Director and I have agreed upon anything in the past few years.
  • Linn County Attorney finally answered question re nepotism complaint #2.
  • +Deputy Auditor Box provided Stutler with 126 pages of public records selected by Stutler in under 15 minutes.  Cost was $7.00.
+ Added after 7/11/2016  ###

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