Auditor’s report 7/11 – 7/14/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Reminded the Board of Supervisors that they can change the Supervisors Representation Plan via Board resolution at any time without a vote of the people – see
  • Worked with US Cellular to get Short Code 21000 keyword “Elections” operational. Progress made, but still not 100% operational.
  • Exchanged several emails with Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden re, which was created to allow the public to contribute to a legal defense fund to Save The (Linn County, Iowa) Auditor’s Office when it was under attack by the Board of Supervisors. I do not anticipate the Supervisors will try to further dismantle the Auditor’s Office in an election year.


  • Opened work order with I-Wireless to get Short Code 21000 operational after asking I-Wireless sales representative at Lindale Mall to test it. Initial test failed. Note: Short Code 21000 is 100% operational on the Sprint and Verizon networks.
  • Advised by Assistant County Attorney Jarvis that ACA Epp will be representing me re the IPIB complaint filed by Stutler.
  • Learned that nepotism complaint #1 was added to the Board’s agenda for July 13th without my knowledge.
  • Confirmed a request by the Sheriff’s Office to NOT continue the Novatime employee time tracking rollout to any additional employees in the SO until November 2016.
  • Attended welcome reception at ISACA (Iowa State Associate of County Auditors) Summer Conference in West Des Moines.


  • Attended ISACA Conference seminars on:  Ethics in Elections, Primary Election Recap, Safe at Home, Legislative Update, On-Line Voter Registration, and Recent Court Cases.
  • Spoke at Iowa Conservative Union’s Open Carry meeting at Godfather’s Pizza. Provided handouts on poll watching, collected absentee ballot request forms, encouraged attendees to become PEOs, and answered elections related questions.
  • Interviewed by Mitchell Schmidt of The Gazette re nepotism complaint #1. Story published 


  • Attended Metro North Rotary’s weekly meeting.
  • Attended Project Labor Agreement seminar and discussion hosted by the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Building Trades Council.  
  • Nepotism case #1 story appeared in paper edition of The Gazette.
  • Addressed nepotism case #2 with County Attorney. Awaiting his response.  Spoke to Supervisor Rogers and Harris about my findings.  ###

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