Auditor’s report 7/15 – 7/22/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

7/15/2016 – Vacation

7/18/2016 – Vacation


  • Received briefing from First Deputy Auditor Shoop on events/issues occurring in my absence.
  • Caught up on emails received during my absence.
  • Received phone call from Linn County GOP chair re voter data subscription.


  • Received phone call from City Attorney for Central City re council vacancies.
  • Observed Concerned Citizens of Linn County committee presenting signed petitions to the Board of Supervisors.  Petitions requested November General Election ballot question asking if the number of Supervisors should be reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Met with Mr. Rob Clark, News Editor, of The Gazette re publishing information for early voters.
  • Met with Mr. Randy Ray, Supervisor Candidate, re questions about Linn County government.
  • Met with Real Estate team re tasks to completed in order to produce the annual tax list for the Treasurer by August 1st.


  • Called attorney (paid with personal funds) to discuss letter to the County Attorney re GoFundMe account.
  • Met with Assistant County Attorney re IPIB complaint. Emailed electronic records to Stutler related to official robocalls by the Auditor’s Office.
  • Met with Deputy Auditor Stacey Law re Aumentum tax software’s inability to track TIF indebtedness as required by the Code of Iowa.
  • Met with Mr. Esaie Tongar, President of WakeUp For Your Rights re voter engagement in the African community.


  • Spoke to 20+ members of the Catholic Layman’s Club. Commented on the Auditor’s Office, Linn County government, and the upcoming presidential election.
  • Exchanged emails and talked with officials of the Office of Ombudsman for the State of Iowa re nepotism and sister-in-laws.

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