Auditor’s report 7/29 – 8/5/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Voter ID Cards with General Election Information mailed to registered voters and arriving in mailboxes starting 7/29 – see–388591922.html
  • Reviewed email exchange between Deputy Commissioner of Elections and Board of Supervisors’ (BOS) Director of Policy & Administration re the petitions presented to the BOS to place the 5 to 3 Supervisor reduction issue on the ballot. For whatever reason, the BOS seems to be interested in reviewing the petitions for legal sufficiency when they already approved a resolution placing the reduction issue on the ballot.
  • Received copy of County Assessor’s 2016 Homestead Credit & Military Exemption Allowances & Disallowances recommendations to be approved by the BOS.


7/30/2016 (Saturday) – Called/escalated to Senior Manager at Thomson Reuters (TR) after being informed by Deputy Auditor that TR employees were not authorized to work after-hours/weekends to support Linn County in processing the annual tax list. See follow-up on 8/1.



  • Participated in Institute of Internal Auditors 2016 Midwest District Conference in Altoona. Attended the following sessions: The Internal Audit Evangelist (keynote #1), Selling Audit Ideas, Fraud Cases & Their Impact on Internal Auditors, Whistle-blower Hotline Best Practices, Fraud in the Virtual World, and Fraud in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Advised Accounts Payable to segregate and explain to the BOS a claim filed by an employee for reimbursement for preferred seating on an airline. On 8/3, the BOS DISapproved the claim.
  • TR (Aumentum) agreed to provide after-hours support to the Auditor’s Office in order to complete the Tax List the week of 8/1.


8/2/2016 – Participated in Institute of Internal Auditors 2016 Midwest District Conference in Altoona. Attended the following sessions:  The Accountant’s Duty of Due Diligence, Ethics in the Real World, Active Leadership (keynote #2), Fraud in Government, and Tone at the Top.



  • Hosted team meeting to review current priorities for the Auditor’s Office and to inform the team of preparations being made for the upcoming General Election.
  • Registered for a webcast sponsored by Gallup on the State of Local & State Government Workers’ Engagement in the USA to be held at 3pm on 8/9. Invited the BOS to connect, but received no response.
  • Joined a newly forming Meetup group called Cedar Rapids Law with the hope of improving the quality of documents used to process real estate transactions. Encouraged Real Estate Services employees to consider participating in the meetup.
  • Attended weekly Aumentum meeting and encouraged Supervisor Harris to attend the upcoming Aumentum User Groups Conference in Las Vegas to address on-going issues with Aumentum.



  • Monitored weekly TR (Aumentum) conference call for progress/updates concerning completion of Annual Tax List.
  • Discussion with local business owner re forming an Advisory Group to the Linn County Auditor for the purpose of recommending what to audit and/or what to bring to the attention of the BOS and other County officials.  Interested?  Contact me at 


  • Advised by the Deputy Commissioner of Elections that a second voter registration challenge had been filed by a local resident. Next steps: decide when to hold a hearing and notify the voter of the hearing.
  • Reviewed CBS2 news story related to voter registration cards with inaccurate information. Inaccuracies were caused by a timing issue, i.e., voters made changes to registrations between the time we pulled the information to be printed and when the card was finally viewed by the voter.
  • Deputy Auditor received resolution from the City of Marion which legalized a 10 year tax transition for the Brookside Drive annexation that needed to be included in the Annual Tax List.
  • Reviewed a potential 20 year $40M bond issue that may be approved by the BOS for inclusion on the upcoming General Election ballot.
  • Met with Expense Reduction Analysts re payments to vendors in FY16.
  • Learned from an email exchange between the County Attorney’s Office and a local resident that I may be able to appoint a person to conduct a hearing on the first voter registration to be challenged, which was earlier cancelled due to a legal technicality.
  • Scheduled a meeting to gather information on setting up a Heroes Hotline for employees and the public to report waste, fraud, or misuse that could be audited by the Auditor’s Office per the Auditor’s authority to audit.
  • 6:30pm – Left the Auditor’s Office after awaiting the completion of the annual tax list.

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