Auditor’s report 8/8 – 8/12/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Annual Tax List electronically certified and posted by Auditor’s Office within Aumentum.
  • Started reviewing Fiscal Year 2016 related party transactions to be communicated to our outside audit firm for potential inclusion in the County’s annual financial report.
  • Reviewed Do You Enjoy Waiting In Line video that will be playing in the previews at local movie theaters urging residents to vote early in the upcoming general election.
  • Participated in the demonstration of a hotline product by NAVEX Global.



  • Set the date/time for an upcoming voter registration challenge hearing at 4pm on 8/25 in the Auditor/Recorder’s conference room in the PSC.
  • Contacted a legislator about requesting a determination from the Attorney General of Iowa.
  • Reviewed request from Mount Vernon Community School District to host a satellite voting station on 9/9 for an upcoming bond election being held on 9/13/2016.
  • Attended Board of Supervisors meeting and commented on the unreasonable out of pocket costs of using ambulance services in Linn County. Video posted here.
  • Participated in meeting with African community leaders, a representative of the Catherine McCauley Center, and the CEO of Diversity Focus at Diversity Focus re getting existing citizens and future citizens of the immigrant community engaged in voting.
  • Attended a webcast hosted by Gallup re employee engagement in local and state government.



  • Reviewed legal opinion on Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). Conclusion: IRV does not appear to be allowed under existing Iowa laws.
  • Attended Board of Supervisors meeting and commented on the lack of specifics in the ballot language for a $40M bond referendum going on the 11/8 general election ballot. See Gazette Linn County voters get say on water and land bond sale and video of meeting.



  • Voter Outreach Coordinator reported that 95 cell phone users have opted in for alerts from Elections Services. You can opt in by texting the keyword ELECTIONS to short code 21000.
  • Received email from constituent stating, “Yikes. How can you be right once again?” He was referring to Linn County voters get say on water and land bond sale.
  • Received request from the Linn County Republican Central Committee Secretary to provide poll watcher training.



  • Responded to last of numerous emails originating with the Treasurer’s Office re my certification of the tax list on 8/8. You can pay your property taxes due on 9/1/2016 at
  • Confirmed the following item was on the Board’s agenda for 8/15/2016: Discuss & decide on the temporary appointment of Mr. Tom Patterson of Hiawatha as Deputy Auditor for the purpose of conducting a voter registration challenge hearing on Mr. Antonio Esposito of Linn County.

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