Auditor’s report 8/23 – 9/7/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

8/23/2016 – Spoke during public comment period at Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting regarding Cedar Lake NOT being on Linn County Conservation’s list of projects for the $40M bond issue.  Reiterated my request that BOS included percentages in bond issue ballot language.


  • Interviewed by Forrest Saunders of KCRG regarding the upcoming general election and my forecast for 78% voter turnout.
  • Interviewed by James Lynch of The Gazette regarding concerns about voting machines and systems being hacked during the upcoming general election.
  • Reviewed Spanish language press release related to upcoming special elections in the Mount Vernon Community School District and the City of Central City on 9/13/2016.

8/25/2016 –

  • Conducted voter registration challenge hearing on Ms. Petra Marie Cote. Result: challenge dismissed due to fact Ms. Cote is a naturalized US citizen.
  • Conference call with the Compliancy Group to review progress on HIPPA policies being prepared for the Auditor’s Office.
  • Reviewed Linn County Treasurer’s press release notifying public that property tax statements will be going out into the mail this week.
  • Solicited and received email from Clerk of Court’s Office indicating that it is unaware of any person being adjudicated as no longer competent to vote in Linn County.
  • Reviewed, revised, and approved several HIPPA policies for the Auditor’s Office.

8/26/2016 – Vacation Day.


  • Spoke to BOS during public comment regarding minutes versus videoing of BOS meetings and asked for question to be addressed as to who will enforce a proposed minimum wage in the County.
  • Met with Xiphos Web Marketing LLC regarding recommendations on how to improve and its related web sites.


  • Received letter and guidance from USDOJ on ADA Compliance for Polling Place Voting.
  • Reviewed meeting agenda for Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Regular Board Meeting being held on 9/1/2016.
  • Directed assistant to post new US Department of Labor revised minimum wage poster in office area.


  • Received letter from challenged registrant indicating his desire to be removed from Linn County’s voter registration roll.
  • Interviewed by Kevin Barry of KGAN/KFXA – CBS2/FOX28 regarding ballot security and the hacking of elections.

9/1/2016 – Exchanged several emails with Pro Video after it learned the County had awarded a bid to another company to provide video recording services of BOS meetings.

9/2/2016 – Revised Linn County Auditor home page.

9/5/2016 – County, State, and Federal Holiday – Labor Day – all offices closed.


  • Reviewed request from school employee wishing to be a poll watcher for the YES supporters of the Mount Vernon Schools Facilities Bond issue.
  • Reviewed social media promoting short code 21000 which provides updates in Spanish on upcoming elections when you opt in with the keyword ELECCIONES
  • Advised publisher of Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun we have received 119 absentee ballots for the upcoming Mount Vernon Community School District Facilities Bond referendum to be held on 9/13/2016.
  • Promoted HOW TO VOTE IN IOWA video on social media.
  • Received certificate from the Election Center confirming my credential as a Certified Election Registration Administrator had been renewed through 12/31/2018.


  • Called Mayor of Fairfax regarding polling places in Fairfax for upcoming general election.
  • Reviewed inquiry from State of Iowa’s Office of Ombudsman regarding Prairieburg city council vacancy.
  • Reviewed annexation question from the City of Robins.
  • Reviewed inquiry from local resident who recently passed the CPA examination and is interested in a non-paid internship to gain practical experience in Accounting.
  • Blogged Ambulance Services – Are you ready to pay?
  • Reviewed email from Iowa Secretary of State’s Office regarding classification of voter registrations from other County agencies as required by the National Voting Rights Act.
  • Reviewed letter from local resident regarding access to list of voters who have already requested absentee ballots.
  • Reviewed 2nd email from regarding questions on the legality of the County’s proposed minimum wage ordinance.
  • Made offer to the BOS to setup a hotline for the public to report violations of the County’s proposed minimum wage ordinance.

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