Auditor’s report 9/8 – 9/15/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Talked to resident of the Mount Vernon Community School District regarding his opinion that campaign signs were placed on public property along Mount Vernon Road. Forwarded complaint to the County Engineer and a IDOT highway supervisor. On 9/9, County Engineer indicated yard signs complied with the law.
  • Spoke to County resident for about 30 minutes pertaining to NOT receiving his tax bill on August 1st when it’s due on September 1st.
  • Per an email request, provided with Election Results for the years 2000-2016 via a link at

9/9/2016 – 8pm – Observed PEOs administering a satellite voting place for an upcoming special election for the Mount Vernon Community School District.

9/10/2016 – Reviewed complaint from related to tax bills coming out late.  S/he stated, “Bills due Sept 1 should be received by August 1”.

9/11/2016 – Attended part of Toddville American Legion’s 911 Ceremony and brunch.


  • Reviewed emails from the Iowa Office of Ombudsman pertaining to the appointment of a person to fill a vacancy on the Prairieburg city council. Result: City council rescinded previous appointment and started the appointment process over.
  • Asked County Attorney’s Office for an opinion on whether I needed to swear in challenged registrants or witnesses at voter registration challenge hearings. As of 9/15, no reply.
  • 1pm – Conducted voter registration challenge hearing on Ms. Rebecca Ann Feldt. Result: challenge rejected due to fact Ms. Feldt born in the USA. Clerk of Court’s official jury summons questionnaire indicated Feldt was not a US citizen.
  • 6:30pm – Participated in poll watcher training session hosted by the Secretary of the Linn County Republican Central Committee at KTOS.


  • Attended Downtown Open Coffee Meetup at the Early Bird Coffee Shop in Cedar Rapids. Asked attendees to text the keyword ELECTIONS to 21000 on their cell phones in order to receive news and updates on elections being held in Linn County.
  • 1pm – Visited Mount Vernon City Hall polling place to observe precinct election officials (PEO) conducting a special election on a $19M bond issue for the Mount Vernon Community School District.
  • 8pm – Visited Falcon Center polling place to observe PEOs conducting a special election to fill two vacancies on the Central City city council.


  • Reviewed emails pertaining to opinion by RSM LLP related to the tax liability of life insurance offered by the County to County employees.
  • Reviewed email from a local US Marine Corps veteran related to a US flag NOT being flown at half-mast at the County Courthouse on 9/11/2016.
  • Election Services received compliment from School Board Secretary/Treasurer & SBO of the Mount Vernon Community School District indicating our team was professional and worked well together on their election.
  • Deputy Auditor Stacey Law create FY2017 Military Exemption claim for Treasurer to file with the Iowa Department of Management.


  • Reviewed emails pertaining to a recent annexation by the City of Marion which will affect the ballots given to the voters residing in the newly (9/12/2016) annexed area.
  • Reviewed emails pertaining to locking down ownership details in real estate records in Aumentum so that other offices/departments cannot knowingly or unknowingly make changes.
  • Prepared for upcoming face-to-face meeting with executives of Thomson Reuters pertaining to Aumentum – the County’s tax and real estate software records system.
  • Forwarded sample ballots to a CBS2 reporter to be used in an upcoming story related to the General Election.

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