Auditor’s report 9/16 – 9/24/2016

Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

9/16/2016 – Attended to family member pre- and post-surgery.

9/18/2016 – Traveled to Las Vegas to meet with various managers/executives of Thomson Reuters, a County vendor/supplier.


  • Responded to an inquiry from a Gazette reporter asking if we needed more election workers. My answer: Unless we see an increase in the number of absentee ballot requests received by 10/14, we will be adding more election workers to maintain order & efficiency in the polling places.
  • Attended Thomson Reuter’s Synergy 2016 conference.


  • Met with Mat Greener and Andrew Berg of Thomson Reuters re the County’s Aumentum property tax software system. Voiced complaints about system and discussed solutions, e.g., TR’s Managed Services product may reduce need for County IT support and eliminate some variables plaguing us now. Updated Supervisors John Harris and Jim Houser on outcome of meeting.
  • Reviewed absentee ballot request data emailed to indicating our ABRs are substantially less than the number of ABRs received at the same time in 2012.
  • Received letter from the Attorney Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Iowa indicating it advised Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson to “note that he is an ‘inactive’ attorney on any published materials or websites over which he has editorial control”.


  • Met with two employees of Washington County, Minnesota, to ask about TR’s Managed Services product. Both were very satisfied. Washington County has about the same number of parcels and population as Linn County.
  • Fulfilled public records request by Marion resident who wanted to confirm the salary & benefits for members of the Board of Supervisors.
  • Received update from legislator who requested an opinion from the Iowa Attorney General on my behalf.


  • Signed abstract of votes for the recent special elections held on September 13th for the Mount Vernon Community School District and the City of Central City.
  • Satisfied Mr. James Broten regarding his public records request for information on the taxes paid by the Union Pacific and former CNW railroads within Linn County
  • Visited Pints & Politics event at the CSPS Hall. Another very well attended event.
  • Reviewed report by our Elections Military and Overseas Coordinator indicating 207 UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) ballots will be emailed or mailed on 9/23.


  • Voter Outreach Coordinator held voter registration signup at Coe College. Over 100 students either registered or updated their VRs.
  • Attended Board of Supervisors meeting held for the purpose of preparing for the pending #Flood2016. Advised the BOS that the Auditor’s Office would be open for business in the Lobby of the Community Services Building at 8am on Monday, September 26th, and each day thereafter until further notice. We will be open for early voting on 9/29 at the CSB, if needed. Thanked Johnson County Auditor Travis Weipert for loaning a truck to assist with relocating our office to the CSB!
  • Briefly conversed with IT Director on TR’s Managed Services product, as well as, TR’s hosting solution. We agreed to meet post-Flood to discuss topic.
  • Issued Auditor’s Office Flood Plan v1 and v1 update to employees detailing the location and work assignments for the office. Since the I380 Bridge is now (at 15:29 on 9/24) the only way to cross the Cedar River, I established a rally point in a local hotel for employees on the NE side of the river to continue office operations. If necessary, the location of this rally point will be published to provide emergency/urgent Auditor services to the public if they cannot travel to the CSB.
  • Thanked Jones County Auditor Janine Sulzner for offering to help us with election preparations due to the #Flood 2016.
  • Thanked Taylor Boyt of KGAN / KFXA for offering to lend us a hand!
  • Confirmed deputies had cell phone numbers for each employee.
  • Spoke to James Lynch of The Gazette to confirm Auditor’s Office will be open on 9/29 at the CSB to accommodate the first day of early/absentee voting.
  • Thanked Mitchell County Auditor Lowell Tesch for offering to help us due to the #Flood 2016!
  • Inspected space allocated to for the temporary Auditor’s Office in the Community Services Building.


  • Attended Board of Supervisors meeting held for the purpose of preparing for the pending #Flood2016. Auditor’s Office and Treasurer’s Office will be open for business in the Lobby of the CSB at 8am on 9/26.
  • Alerted staff that Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate may arrive at the CSB on Thursday, the first day of early voting, to vote.
  • Confirmed with Facilities Manager that the Election Depot will not be inundated with backed up sewage because the floor of the building is 4’ higher than the expected crest of the #Flood2016.

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