Auditor’s report 9/25 – 10/5/2016

9/25/2016 (Sunday)

  • Attended Board of Supervisors meeting held for the purpose of preparing for #Flood2016.
  • Reviewed additional legal advice from County Attorney’s Office regarding how to conduct a voter registration challenge hearing.
  • Assisted in relocating Auditor’s Office to CSB and confirmed Office would be 100% functional when the doors opened at 8am on 9/26.


  • First Deputy Auditor Shoop and Executive Assistant Hoy supported Emergency Board meeting at 8am called for the purpose of requesting that the Governor extend the property tax deadline.
  • Auditor’s Office picked up USPS mail from Cedar Rapids Main Post Office for all PSC (Public Service Center) departments/offices now in the CSB (Community Services Building).
  • Governor Branstad granted extension on deadline for Linn County taxpayers to pay property taxes. New deadline is October 31st.
  • Assisted employees temporarily staged at the Best Western Long Branch due to a lack of office space in the CSB.
  • Voters in Linn County started receiving absentee ballots via USPS.


  • Relocated remaining employees to CSB after being advised that the CSB could accommodate all Auditor’s Office personnel.
  • National Voter Registration table events at the Cedar Rapids Public Libraries cancelled due to #Flood2016.
  • Visited resident in Springville who claimed he received a pre-marked absentee ballot. Found voter used Sharpie marker to mark ballot and it bled through one side of ballot into the other side of the ballot. Voter satisfied with my quick response and explanation. Ballot not spoiled.

9/28/2016 – Made the decision to keep the Auditor’s Office completely intact at CSB through 5pm on 9/30 due to Early/Absentee voting commencing at 8am on 9/29.


  • Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and Jane (his wife) voted early at our counter in the CSB.
  • Met with KGAN/KFXA to review voter registration proposal.
  • Election Services processed 135 early voters at our counter in the CSB.
  • County Treasurer issued stop payment on check issued to Diversity Focus per request of the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.


  • Election Services processed 155 early voters at our counter in the CSB.
  • Met with AFSCME union representative regarding grievance filed due to use of temporary election workers while bargaining union members on forced vacation.
  • Update your voter registration if your address has changed video started running on the big screens at the Wehrenburg and Carmike theaters.
  • Deputy Auditor Law successfully loaded the 2016 assessed values into the Auditor environment within Aumentum.
  • Auditor’s Office relocated 100% of computers, phones, and office supplies back to the PSC within 90 minutes of serving our last customer at 5pm at the CSB.

10/1/2016 (Saturday) – Reviewed notice by Edison Research that it plans to conduct exit polling on Election Day.

10/2/2016 (Sunday) – Rest & recovery day – no work activity by me or anyone in the Office.


  • Provided an update to the Board of Supervisors on the status of the Auditor’s Office – it was 100% operational at 8am – during its regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Conducted meeting with management team regarding a personnel issue.
  • Election Services processed 245 early voters at our counter on the PSC.
  • Participated in an on-air interview on WMT radio regarding the upcoming general election.
  • Conducted meeting with union steward and an employee.


  • Met with Board of Supervisors’ Support Team and other elected officials. Provided written summary of the actions taken by the Auditor’s Office during the #Flood2016 along with a list of things we are most proud of and recommendations for the future.
  • Received and certified oaths of office for Andrew David Powers and Cory R. Speth, newly sworn-in Assistant County Attorneys.
  • Reviewed information on Managed Services product offered by Thomson Reuters to support Aumentum, our property tax system.
  • Provided questions to Board of Supervisors and others related to an upcoming Board discussion on the video surveillance policy.


  • Met with KGAN/KFXA representatives at Broadcast Park to discuss voter registration proposal.
  • Met with Supervisor John Harris, Deputy Auditor Stacey Law, and the IT Director to discuss proposal from Thomson Reuters for Managed Services for Aumentum.
  • Reviewed, prepared, and submitted documentation requested by union steward.

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