Lying will always be a big deal to me

Editor’s note 1/14/2020 – In 2017, the Iowa Legislature/Governor changed the laws regarding absentee voting in county commissioners’ offices.  It is now illegal to remove an absentee ballot issued by the commissioner from the voting area designated by the commissioner.


No evidence of bathroom break on video

On 27 October 2016, the Gazette published Miller wants former rival arrested over voting misconduct – in which Joe Stutler said, “I had to go to the bathroom, so I walked down the hall, filled out my ballot and brought it back….”

On October 28th, the Gazette published another story – Ballot charges sought by Auditor Miller not likely – which reads:  … Stutler, who said he left the polling place to use the restroom ….

On or about 11:05am on 27 October 2016, Stutler was issued his ballot.

I recently obtained video of Stutler on the morning of October 27th:

At about 11:06am, you can see Stutler in red shirt and shorts leaving the voting room area and heading towards the stairs –

At about 11:07am, you can see Stutler turning left before the stairs, going down the hallway and eventually sitting in the one of the chairs by the men’s restroom across from the County Recorder’s counter. He veered over by the Recorder’s counter, which makes me wonder if he did not ask for permission to sit in the chair? Stutler fills out the ballot, stands under the light by the elevator, and appears to be taking photos of his ballot.  He sits down again, then stands, and is eventually confronted by a precinct election official – see

I am disputing what Stutler told the Gazette’s reporters and may have told County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden. Stutler said, “I had to go to the bathroom….”

The men’s restroom is located on the right side of the hallway next to where Stutler sat and he never goes out of sight to go to the bathroom. So unless Stutler went to the bathroom sitting in the chair or he was wearing a diaper, he made misleading statements to the reporter who reported the news to the public.

I think Stutler read James Lynch’s story IOWA FORBIDS “BALLOT SELFIES” IN VOTING BOOTHS  and decided to go to your Auditor’s Office and ‘act out’.

I have known Joe Stutler for many years. He has worked for me in the Auditor’s Office as an election official on numerous occasions.  He knows the law and he knew he was violating it when he removed his ballot from the voting room.

The Linn County Attorney needs to charge Joe Stutler with a crime and apologize to the person who did his duty and reported the crime.  –Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

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