Don’t rape REAP (reprinted)

Appears the local media has short term memory or selective memory or favorite elected officials when it comes to a certain four letter word, but the internet never forgets anything nor do certain members of this community.

I hope that those who pounced on me for my use of the word “rape” pounce on Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson with the same wrath they pounced on me.  For example, this morning, I read this email from Mr. Jason Frerichs – Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus.

He wrote:  Mr. Miller, I’m writing to you in my capacity as the chair of the IDP Progressive Caucus, and a member of the State Central Committee.  I’ve read your comments comparing yourself to a rape victim.  That is beyond the pale and that type of rhetoric is absolutely unacceptable.  I’ve spoken with both male and female rape survivors and they are completed disgusted by your comments.  You owe a lot of people an apology.  A real apology, not some politician’s bullshit “I’m sorry if I offended anyone” apology.  You are embarrassing our party.  Stop it.

According to Gazette opinion columnist Lynda Waddington, I need to “… reach out to the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault so that I (he) can be provided a very clear understanding of what rape actually is”.  After reading Oleson’s rant below, he needs to join me.

I do need to give credit where credit is due, i.e., with Joe Stutler.  Without him, no local politician would be talking about rape or sexual assault.  I know my sensitivity has been renewed.

But all of this does not excuse Stutler’s violation of election law.  He broke the law and as of 11/5, he’s the only one to do what he did in the Auditor’s Office.  BTW, Oleson contributed to Stutler’s campaign and Stutler is Oleson’s campaign Treasurer.  So maybe Stutler needs to join Oleson and me, too?  -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor



by Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson

(The author has been a Linn County Supervisor since 2009 and previously worked with the Iowa Senate Minority leader. Bleeding Heartland discussed the bipartisan effort to increase REAP funding to $25 million here. – promoted by desmoinesdem)

I’m gonna go on a rant…about an attempted RAPE.

Yes, I mean every word and hyperbole I’m uttering on this post. REAP (Resource Enhancement & Protection) is being RAPED! For Agriculture…by agri-business…to correct it’s mistakes in a supposedly free and private market of farming. How is this rape of taxpayer funds and DNR license plate fees occurring and for what specifically? Read on My friends.

The Iowa House of Representatives wants to put REAP dollars toward agri-terrace projects, forestry management (subject to logging), and water nutrient pollution clean-up programs because farmland soil is laden with fertilizer chemicals. These are all worthy issues to be addressed on their own I say, and should indeed be addressed and monies put toward mitigation efforts. The Iowa Dept. Of Ag has jurisdiction on all these problems, and they should since their policies and practices created them in the first place.

This isn’t an indictment of farmers, because most are great conservationists of their own free will as it’s good business and good citizenship. I commend those Iowa farmers, especially my Linn County ones, who work hard to be responsible neighbors, citizens and conservationists…voluntarily I might add! But I don’t give a pass to bad apples, policy-makers, or special interest Ag industry lobbyists.

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