State of the County teaser

Linn County’s annual State of the County luncheon is today and Board of Supervisors Chair Brent Oleson invited me to speak on the elections legislation awaiting the Governor’s signature. The segment below is a preview of what I will be covering in my presentation today and the attachments contain some of the slides I will be referencing.

I hope you can join us today at 11:30am at the Hotel at Kirkwood Center. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Presentation by Auditor Joel D. Miller at the State of Linn County Luncheon at 11:30am on Wednesday, April 19th, at the Hotel at Kirkwood hosted by the Linn County League of Women Voters

Let’s ponder the Elections Modernization & Integrity Act also known as the Voter ID Act and the Voter Suppression Act.

What problem does the new law solve? What will be the cost? And how will it affect you?

If you are in the habit of voting by mail, the Auditor’s Office will no longer be able to accept your request for an absentee ballot greater than 120 days prior to an election. That means, if a general election was held on November 7th of this year, you could not submit your absentee ballot request to the Auditor’s Office prior to July 7th. In addition, unless you are living overseas, the Auditor’s Office cannot mail out your absentee ballot until 29 days before the election, i.e., not before October 9th.

And further, we cannot mail out absentee ballots after October 27th, i.e., within 10 days of the election. My advice: sign-up for reminders from the Elections Office and request an absentee ballot as soon as possible, but not sooner than 120 days prior to the election.

Election Law Changes.pptx

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