Veteran Affairs offers services to thousands of County veterans

Linn County Veteran Affairs (VA) provides a number of services to the County’s 15,891 veterans, which comprise 7% of the County’s population.

Over the years, VA has served me, too. As a veteran, VA confirmed my status so I could have the Veteran designation added to my Iowa driver’s license. And I have used VA to request military ribbons and medals that I did not receive prior to leaving active duty.

On a monthly basis, VA generates a brief report (see attached) which indicates the number of veterans served and for what purpose. According to their report, if the pace of walk-ins to VA continues for the next three months and every veteran served is unique, then VA will have served 23% of the veterans residing in Linn County in the current fiscal year. Veteran Affairs – Thank you for your service to veterans! -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


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