Update #5: Linn County voter data

At this morning’s Board of Supervisors meeting, I handed out the attached letter which was emailed to Iowa Secretary of State (SoS) Paul Pate. You can view the video recording of the meeting by clicking on the previous link.

In my opinion, three things occurred in this incident. First, we received a bad email address that we had no reason to believe was bad, and we sent voter data to that email address. Second, an employee clicked on the wrong box during a data export and forwarded unauthorized voter data to a bad email address. And third, an option exists on the voter data export report to export the last four digits of social security numbers when there is no reason that our Auditor’s Office or any other Auditor’s Office needs the ability to export any portion of social security numbers or other confidential records.

The purpose of this letter is to urge the SoS to remove the ability for County Auditors to export confidential records from the State I-Voters voter registration system. BTW, Secretary Pate tried to reach me and left me a voice mail while I was attending the Board meeting.

I am pleased to report that we have made some additional progress today towards eliminating the risk of voter data falling into the hands of bad actors. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any additional details at this time. –Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

SoS letter 8.8.17.pdf

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