Communicating to the Board re voter data mistakenly released

Dear Board of Supervisors:

In my first update posted on my blog at 5:31pm on Saturday, August 5th, I indicated I talked to the Board Chair and to Supervisor Harris – see:

At 6:16pm (Friday), Linn County Supervisor and Board Chairman Brent Oleson called me to get an update.

At 8:53am (Saturday) – I returned a call to Linn County Supervisor John Harris and gave him an update.

On Sunday at 5:34pm, I talked to Board Chair Oleson and gave him an update.

Last night, Supervisor Houser stopped by and while were conversing, indicated no one called him about the incident.

Please pardon me, but when I am in the middle of crisis, I think I should be able to expect the Chair of the Board, duly elected by his peers, to update his peers as he sees fit and to be held accountable by his peers when he does not do so. And it appears Brent, that you did not inform your peers … and to their discredit, three of them did not bother to call me.

Stacey, you indicated I should have called you. Does County Attorney Vander Sanden call any member of the Board to inform you that he charged someone with murder? Does Sheriff Gardner call any member of the Board to inform you he arrested someone for robbing a bank? Why is it you let the Attorney and Sheriff operate autonomously and with impunity and think you need to micromanage the Auditor, Recorder, and Treasurer, and imply a threat to my budget (Stacey) if I don’t comply?

I called the county officials I thought I needed to inform (the Board Chair) and I returned calls to those who called me (Harris). If another incident occurs, I will likely do it the same way.

I will send the Board updates on this incident going forward so you have no excuse for not knowing what’s going on, but you have given me reason to believe that it’s “every man for himself” as far your interactions with each other are concerned and I evidently cannot count on one of you share communications with the other, which is exactly why I prefer to discuss matters with you as a Board and not individually.

I got asked about this topic by some news reporters because of the back in forth in yesterday’s Board meeting, which prompted this email to you.

No reply requested, expected, or necessary.


Joel D Miller – Linn County Auditor

One Response to “Communicating to the Board re voter data mistakenly released”

  1. Linn County Auditor Says:

    DOUBLE STANDARD? Take a look at the praise the Linn County Board of Supervisors heaped upon Linn County Conservation for providing a report on the County’s elk during the Board meeting on 8/9/2017 in response to a news story by KCRG first reported on 7/20/2017. Conservation would not provide KCRG with a person to interview on-camera until yesterday, 8/9/2017.

    Contrast that praise with the scolding that Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker gave me for calling the local media and reporting the accidental release of voter data, but not calling him.

    My perception is and has been for years: Any department reporting to the Board can do no wrong; any non-Board department or other County Elected Official watch-out!


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