Update #7: Linn County voter data

Still no news I can share on the legal remedies being pursued. Sorry.

One of the issues covered by the local media, i.e., KGAN on its Thursday news programs and KCRG on its Friday news programs is my request for the Iowa Secretary of State to change the export tools in I-Voters so they cannot export confidential data when fulfilling a voter data request from the public. It seems the SoS’s position has evolved from wanting me to recant my request (via a voice mail by the author of the attached letter) to being receptive to my request – see paragraph #1 in the attached letter. Of course, the SoS’s offer to change is conditioned on the other 98 county auditors concurring with my request.

I hope my request does not turn into a "who supports the SoS versus who supports Auditor Miller" when the question should be: What’s the right thing to do?

I don’t agree with some of the other statements in the SoS’s letter, but I’m not going to argue about those statements now because what I really want is for the export tools in I-Voters to be changed so neither my successor nor any other county auditor has to deal with an accidental release of confidential voter data that is illegal to export in the first place.

BTW, a few of my detractors have tried to score political points by criticizing my use of this blog to post updates. Of course, they have never likely tried to personally post something on the County’s official website; whereas, I have posted on that website. Let me just say, "Life is already too short for me to have to use the County’s web site as my mouthpiece in a crisis".

As for my individual posts on my blog, I am very particular about indicating which role I am in when I post on this blog, e.g., if I am posting as a candidate or a resident, I indicate it. On this post, I am and I have been writing as the county auditor; hence, the signature that follows. Thanks for reading! -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

CO to Linn Co re SSN breach.pdf

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