NEWS RELEASE: Auditor facilitating online petition drive for special election on spending up to $31.5M for Harris Building

From: Miller, Joel
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2017 1:31 PM

NEWS RELEASE: Auditor facilitating online petition drive for special election on spending up to $31.5M for Harris Building


December 28, 2017


Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor – 319-892-5333

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – December 28, 2017 – Today, Linn County Auditor Joel D. Miller acknowledged he has gathered signatures and is facilitating an online petition drive (sign the petition at ) to call for a special election on the lease-purchase agreement to construct and furnish the proposed Harris Building. On 1/3/2018, the Linn County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to approve a lease-purchase agreement on the Harris Building unless a public hearing convinces them to change their minds or the Board decides to call a special election to let the voters decide on spending up to $31.5M.

Miller indicated, “The Board is required to call an election or abandon the lease-purchase agreement if presented with petitions containing 11,710 or more signatures; however, the Board also has the discretion to hold an election with a lesser number of signed petitions”. Miller went on to say, “I am not opposed to the stated public purposes for the proposed Harris Building. I am opposed to the Board violating its recently passed Ethics Policy by giving preferential treatment to one group of citizens over all other citizens via the manner the Harris Building is being financed and built. And I am opposed to one Supervisor publicly stating he wanted to exclude a local contractor with local employees from the process. And I am opposed due to the Board’s lack of transparency in answering basic questions related to the financing and construction of the Harris Building”.

Citizens can sign a petition at to call for a special election to determine if Linn County should enter into a lease-purchase agreement for up to $31.5M to build and furnish the Harris Building. If citizens do not have online access to the petition, they can stop by the Accounting Services counter in the Linn County Auditor’s Office on Friday, December 29th, from 8am-5pm to sign the petition in-person. Citizens can also sign the petition in-person at the Auditor’s Office on Wednesday, January 3rd, from 8am-8:45am. ###

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