Press release: Linn County Conservation Board selects Dennis Goemaat as Executive Director

Media Contact:

Ryan Schlader

Community Outreach

Linn County Conservation

(o) 319-892-6452

Goemaat pronounced “GOO-mate”

Linn County Conservation Board selects Dennis Goemaat as Executive Director

LINN COUNTY, IA –January 25, 2018. At their monthly meeting on Monday, January 22, the Linn County Conservation Board selected Dennis Goemaat as its new Executive Director. Goemaat has served as Deputy Director of the department since 1992. The Board conducted a search for qualified candidates to the Executive Director position with the assistance of Linn County Human Resources, interviewing four candidates. “Dennis was nominated as our top candidate given his extensive experience and knowledge working with the county conservation system, all of which has been in Linn County, “said Hillary Hughes, Linn County Conservation Board President. “He is truly passionate for conservation, but also for Linn County. His experience as Deputy Director should provide a smooth transition for the many projects and initiatives that are underway.”

Prior to his position as Deputy Director, Goemaat served as Park Ranger at Pinicon Ridge Park when first employed by Linn County Conservation in 1981. He created the Conservation Education program in 1986, also serving as Linn County Conservation’s first Naturalist. Dennis graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology.

Goemaat is replacing Dan Biechler, who retired this month after 42 years with Conservation- 30 as Executive Director. Linn County Conservation manages 28 preserves, parks, trails, and natural areas. For more information, go online to ###

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